Migration Testimonies

Submitted by: D.A. and K.A. who migrated from Denton, TX to Odessa, TX in 2010 to attend school.

What is the spiritual highlight of your migration?
A broader view of the Body of Christ. Learning how to drop things, especially our culture and ways of doing things related to the work for the sake of the oneness and blending.

2 thoughts on “Migration Testimonies

  1. With regards to migration these words has been one of the controlling factor:
    “If God leads you to walk a way that you know, it will not benefit you as much as if He would lead you to take the way that you do not know. This forces you to have hundreds and thousands of conversations with Him, resulting in a journey that is an everlasting memorial between you and Him.” (Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 1) Vol. 07: The Christian (5), Chapter 23, Section 1)

  2. Great to hear. Yes, I too have noticed that migration is great in mixing out the differences we have with others in our thoughts of how to do things. Sometimes I notice myself making my way the focus, when really the focus is being built into oneness with the ones He has placed us with.

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