2013 Spring Conference with Ron Kangas (Milwaukee, WI)

The general subject of this 2013 Spring Conference is “The Will of God — One Person, One Way, and One Goal.” These messages were given by brother Ron Kangas during the weekend of March 15-17, 2013 in Milwaukee, WI.


Message 1: Audio, Outline

Message 2: Audio, Outline

Message 3: Audio, Outline

Message 4: Audio, Outline

To download the audio or pdf files, right click on the “Audio” or “Outline” hyperlink and choose “Save Target As…”.

7 thoughts on “2013 Spring Conference with Ron Kangas (Milwaukee, WI)

  1. I think the title and message tags of this conference are from last year. The sharing in the audios is on abiding in the vine. I am really enjoying this conference as I enjoyed last year’s. Thank you for posting them.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. I listened to a conference last year on this topic but it must not have been in Wisconsin. May the Lord use these messages to encourage and enlighten His saints.

  3. Christ as the Lion of Judah, dealing with Satan, is very enjoyable. Let us all be thankful for Christ as the Lamb of God, cleansing us from every sin with His precious blood.

    It was eye-opening to hear that most books with “will of God” in the title are from man’s perspective instead of God’s perspective. It was enjoyable to be reminded that the will of God is that we’d be filled with the Holy Spirit and the full knowledge of the truth in understanding and wisdom. Praise the Lord! Christ Himself is our Wisdom, Spirit of knowledge, and Spirit of understanding. Those are branches of the sevenfold intensified Spirit.

    Thank You Lord Jesus for the experience that I had, but I do not ever want that to happen again. Amen. Thank You Lord Jesus for situations that drive us to cling to Your Word instead of listening to the same talks about the same books over and over again. Amen.

    Hallelujah for the wrestling with Christ. Amen.

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