Video Testimonies of Migration: Cayfords (Part II)

This is Part II of a two-part series of videos where the Cayfords share their experience of migrating to Europe. Part I can be viewed here. Closed captioning is available.




2 thoughts on “Video Testimonies of Migration: Cayfords (Part II)

  1. Dear Saints,

    As we step out in faith, with a heart to participate in the Lord’s move where He leads us according to His arrangement, we can rest assured that He, as our High Priest, Who sympathizes with our weaknesses and Who lives forever to intercede for us, will minister to us by His rich mercy the grace for our present need as timely help!

    Encouraged and comforted by your testimony!

    M. Saravia
    Church in Shreveport LA, USA

  2. Dear Tim and Michelle,

    So good to see and hear you on the video. You surely have moved around frequently, living a life of the altar and the tent. I can even fellowship with you over the internet while I am in sub-zero temperature in Toronto, Ont. for 6 weeks with my husband’s mom, who is 96. While enjoying reading the Life Study of Genesis, Ch.22, I appreciated the fact that we are not in a religion, but in the actual daily living and walk with the Lord, no matter where He’s going. The Lord reminded me to go to, and then I got onto your video. Sometimes this walk is very lonely, but His Presence is with us. We offer ourselves as living sacrifices in union with Christ as the unique sacrifice. We have a cause to run. Bring us to higher grounds, O Lord! Enoch walked with God for 300 years, and he was not, because he was taken. Some commentary said, “You are closer to my home than to yours, so come with me to my home.”

    Praise the Lord!


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