An Announcement from Bibles for America

Dear saints,

We want to share with you an important and strategic endeavor BfA is undertaking. We hope you take the time to read this e-mail not only to find out about it but also to receive a burden from the Lord.

New book set available!

For the first time ever, we are offering a free two-book set of The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee and The Economy of God by Witness Lee.

Why these books?

  • Christians today desperately need the truths and practical applications in these two life-changing books.

  • Many saints first touched the ministry of the age through The Normal Christian Life, which revolutionized their understanding of the Christian life.

  • The Economy of God is known by few outside the churches in the recovery, yet it is important and powerful in guiding believers into the deeper dimensions of the Christian life.

  • People should not be deprived of the help and revelation in both The Normal Christian Life and The Economy of God.

Why together?

  • Watchman Nee is received, praised, and respected, while Witness Lee has been attacked, and at the very least, unappreciated. This disparity has been fueled, in part, by the baseless assertion of some that Nee and Lee are different in their ministries. We hope presenting the books as a set will join these two brothers in the public’s mind.

  • We believe one way to correct the erroneous claim that Nee and Lee are different is to put both books before people so they can taste for themselves the one ministry presented by these two faithful servants of God. As they read, people will discover that these two brothers are one, and that their ministries are one in their revelation of Christ as life and the church as God’s purpose.

Why are we sharing this with you?

Your prayers, your going, and your giving are indispensable. The news of the offer must get out extensively so people can benefit from the books. We at Bibles for America can’t do this alone. We need all the saints to bear this burden with us.


Please pray for the spreading of these books throughout the country; specifically pray that:

  • People would find out about this free offer and order the set.

  • Readers would be enlightened and profoundly affected, and would share what they’ve received with others.

  • Many in this country would be led to the riches of this all-inheriting ministry through these books.


We urge you to share the news of this free offer with those around you—your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Encourage them to go to to order their free set. We hope the saints will do all they can to tell people about the offer via social media, e-mail, and word of mouth so these books could have as much impact as possible.

We’ve prepared special cards you can use to tell people of the offer. You can order the business-sized offer cards at


To support the carrying out of this burden, you can give online at

We in the churches can testify that we’ve benefited immeasurably from the precious ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. But we shouldn’t be the only ones benefitting. As good stewards, we are required by the Lord to be faithful to feed people with spiritual food. Let us all rise up to serve our Lord Jesus by helping others to know the riches in the all-inheriting ministry we enjoy.

Visit to read more about this new free set from BfA.

In His service,

The staff at Bibles for America

P.S. Please remember that this free offer is for the public only so that we can give away as many as possible. If you or other saints in the Lord’s recovery would like to have either of these books, you can purchase them at

2 thoughts on “An Announcement from Bibles for America

  1. Hallelujah! How wonderful!! Praise the Lord! oh Lord Jesus, do let Your truths and Your word run!

  2. Lord, may those books will reach some open vessels. One brother from Taiwan, who used to live and serve in Russia for many years, met one christian at the train. The trip was long, may be 24 hours or so. He start to talk with this christian and finally got tired, because that person argues with him a lot. At the end, been really tired, our brother gave him as a gift “Normal christian life” book and went to bed. Next morning that second brother knock to his door. He looked totally different: humble and happy. He said that he read this book all night and couldn’t stop. He saw lots of light that he never saw before. He was very thankful.
    Lord, bless all the readers with an open heard.

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