Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 6-8

This series of messages resumes the fellowship concerning the purpose of God’s restoration and further creation following the generation of the creatures in the sea, in the air, and on the earth. It is at this point in Genesis that a conference in the Godhead was held and man was generated as the center of God’s restored universe. The central points of the restoration and further creation are to recover the earth, to have man, and to generate life.

The first purpose of this restoration and further creation is to have man to express God. Man firstly expresses God inwardly. Christ is the image of God and therefore man was created in the image of Christ. Thus, Adam is a type of Christ. One day, Christ came in the likeness of man so that man could be transformed and conformed to the image of Christ, ultimately so that man’s body would be transformed into the likeness of the glorious body of Christ! Man will thus bear the likeness of God outwardly.

The second purpose of God’s restoration and further creation is to have man exercise God’s dominion over all things in the sea, air, and earth, to deal with God’s enemy and to recover the earth. When Christ came in incarnation, so did the authority and dominion of God. While on earth, Christ gave this authority to His disciples and in His resurrection it was given to the church, against whom the gates of Hades will never prevail and under who’s feet Christ will shortly have Satan crushed.

The ultimate consummation of this restoration and further creation is the representation and expression of God for eternity. Witness Lee presents many cases in message eight showing that throughout the Bible God’s people have represented and expressed Him and that ultimately in the New Jerusalem God will have His representation and expression for eternity.

There are many wonderful points covered in these three messages. You are encouraged to share your enjoyment or even practice composing a short prophecy using the comments section below. Even if what you post is short (1-2 sentences), this will help to solidify the truth in you and encourage others. May the Lord bless this study of Genesis in the way of life!


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4 thoughts on “Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 6-8

  1. So many things touched me in these last messages so I’ll have to share just one. It showed me also the importance of getting the word into me. Amen saints!

    “Again I say, this discernment comes from the shining, and the shining of the light is just the ruling. If you read and pray over Genesis 1:14, 16, 18 and Ephesians 5:8-11, 13-14 until these verses get into you and the light shines upon you, you will know what you must reprove and what you must accept, what you should receive and what you should reject. Also, 1 John 1:5-7 is a good portion telling us that God is light, that if we have fellowship with Him we are in the light, and that when we walk in the light we know the difference between darkness and light. We have the ruling with the discernment.” Life Study of Genesis Online Chapter 5 Section 3

  2. “Two crucial words in chapter one of Genesis are image and dominion.”

    “If you are going to represent God with authority, you need to express God in life. The whole story of the Bible is just one story, telling the saints who expressed God and represented God.” We need now to consider these cases.

  3. Recently Lord has been touching me with this matter of growth in life, to reach the full maturity. Taking care of my 4 children was always my excuse to not get deeply into the word, but its lies from the enemy, Lord needs me to eat Him and Enjoy Him moment by moment, and GROW.
    Portion from msg 6, L.S. of Genesis:
    “..after six thousand years, no life on this earth can surpass the human life. Don’t look down on yourself. You are very high, higher than the grass, higher than the herbs and the trees, higher than the cattle, the beasts, and the creeping things. You are the highest created life. Without man, there would have been no maturity of life. Thus, the Triune God held a conference and initiated the maturity of life. The Triune God decided to create the highest created life”
    May we encourage one another to get into these riches, and grow, day by day, by eating JESUS!! Praise Him!

  4. Amen.
    I read Life Study of Genesis second time – this time in English.
    What a riches!!!
    I would like to share with you what touched me the most from my today’s reading:

    “Image and dominion were sown as two seeds in Genesis 1.
    The image of God and the authority of God are constantly growing within us.

    Authority always comes from the image.

    The more you contact God, the more you will bear God’s image.

    Abraham didn’t build a tower. The people at Babel didn’t build an altar to contact God; they built a tower to make themselves a name (Gen. 11:4). That is self-pride. Abraham, however, was called out of that environment; he built a small altar and there he contacted God. The more he contacted God, the more he looked like God. The Bible tells us that eventually God became a friend to Abraham and that Abraham was called the friend of God (James 2:23). If you read Genesis 18, you will see that God did not come to Abraham as the Creator or the Almighty God. God came to him as a friend. God and Abraham had fellowship just like two friends talking together. By that time Abraham had become more and more like God. Therefore, we are told that Abraham conquered and defeated the enemies (Gen. 14:17).

    Revelation 5:10 and 1 Peter 2:9 both tell us that today Christians are royal priests. On the one hand we are priests; on the other hand we are kings. However, we need to contact God that we may have the real image to bear the glory of God in life. Then we have the authority to represent God. But most Christians miss this. They don’t look like priests and, thus, they are not kings. If you don’t bear the image, you will lose the authority. Praise God that through all the centuries there have been and there still are some saints who contact God, keeping themselves in the real priesthood. They have authority and they exercise kingship.”

    L-S of Genesis msg. 8

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