Life-Study of Genesis: Messages 27-29

In message 27 of the Life-study of Genesis, we come to the third fall of man. The cause of the third fall is twofold. First, the evil spirits mingled with man – the fallen angels joined with man through illegal marriage. This caused a mixture within the human race, producing a being which the Bible calls Nephilim. Second, man himself became flesh, the fallen man. Brother Lee then opens up the process of the third fall and the result of the third fall, particularly pointing out that the result involved the withdrawing of the Holy Spirit, signifying God’s forsaking, and brought about the deluge. This message concludes by showing that this third fall was a prefigure of the present age.

Brother Lee then turns us, in message 28, to the wonderful salvation from of this fall seen in the man of God, Noah. He was a man who walked with God by faith (Gen 6:9, Heb 11:7), found grace in the eyes of the Lord (v. 8), and was justified by God because of this faith. Secondly, Noah was a builder of the ark. He received a revelation, believed God’s word, preached righteousness, and ultimately entered into the ark he prepared with all his family and the living creatures, being shut in by the Lord Himself.

What kind of man was Noah? This question is addressed in the parenthetical Message 29 which answers that Noah was a man who had a life and a work which changed the age. This life was a life inherited from his fathers. A life of salvation like Adam, of offering like Abel, of calling on the Lord like Enosh, and walking with God like Enoch. Yet Noah received more revelation regarding the generation and God’s intention and desire then his forefathers did. Not only did he receive this revelation but he then believed it and practiced according to it. This resulted in his work, a work of preaching righteousness and building the ark according to the revelation and against the tide of the age.


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