UK & Ireland Blending Conference 2013 with Ron Kangas

Brother Ron Kangas gave 4 messages during a UK & Ireland Blending Conference in Nottingham, UK from August 24-25, 2013. The general subject of the conference is “Living the Life of a God-man, in the Corporate New Man, for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose.” You can download the audio files of these messages from the Amana Trust website here:

One thought on “UK & Ireland Blending Conference 2013 with Ron Kangas

  1. This is from the last message. I am so touched by these words so I wrote this down and turned it to my prayer:

    Lord, I am here for Your will. I dream this, I hope this , and I like to do this. I have all kinds of things in me, I don’t pretend that I don’t. But I am making a decision, out of love, not forced to. I am here for Your will, whatever it is, and for nothing else. Don’t let me have my own way. I am standing against the whole tide, and I am standing against my whole being. I am here to do Your will.

    I choose Your Will, I choose Your Way, and I honor Your Timing.


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