Life-Study of Genesis: Message 57-59

Praise the Lord! This week we come to messages 57-59 of the Life-Study of Genesis. These messages cover chapters 22-23 of Genesis and can be read here.

The title of message 57 is Living in Fellowship with God, The Offering of Isaac (1). The sections of the message are:

8) The Offering of Isaac

a) Abraham Tested by God

(1) To Offer to God What God Has Given Him in Grace

(2) To Offer to God His Only Son Whom He Loves

(a) A Life Grown Up by the Well of the Oath with the Calling on the Name of the Eternal God

(b) Offered to God on Mount Moriah Where God’s Temple Was Built

(c) For a Burnt Offering for God’s Satisfaction

(d) Returned in Resurrection for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose

b) Abraham’s Obedience by Faith

(1) Believing in the Resurrecting God

(2) Acting according to God’s Revelation

(a) Going to Mount Moriah, the Place of God’s Choice

(b) Traveling for Three Days

(c) Building an Altar and Offering Isaac


Message 58, Living in Fellowship with God, The Offering of Isaac (2), covers:

c) Isaac Typifying Christ

d) Isaac Replaced by a Ram

(1) Provided by Jehovah-jireh

(2) Typifying Christ as Our Substitute

e) Abraham Blessed by God

(1) With the Seed Multiplied

(2) With Christ as His Unique Seed

f) Christ Revealed in Three Ways


Message 59 is titled Living in Fellowship with God, The Death and Burial of Sarah. The sections of this message are:

9) The Death and Burial of Sarah

a) In Hebron—the Place of Fellowship with God

b) Sarah’s Early Death

c) Abraham’s Suffering

d) Abraham’s Testimony

e) A Sepulcher of Choice



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