Experiencing Christ as the Burnt Offering (Part 2)

In a previous post, we saw that Christ is the reality of the burnt offering revealed in Leviticus 1. Through prayer we can experience Christ as the One who is absolute for God’s interest. In this post we would like to see more regarding the position of the burnt offering in relation to the other four basic offerings.

The order of the basic offerings in Leviticus chapters 1 through 5 is very particular. This order places the burnt offering first, before any of the other offerings (Lev. 1:3). As seeking believers, we are often very conscious of our sinful nature and the sins we commit. As a result, we may focus more on Christ as our sin offering or trespass offering than on Christ as the other offerings. According to the divine perspective, our fundamental problem before God is our lack of absoluteness. Therefore we need a change in view from the human perspective to the divine perspective of the offerings, which begins with the burnt offering, typifying Christ as the only one in the universe who is absolute for God.

We are all corrupted sinners—hopeless before God and unqualified to fulfill His eternal purpose. In the self we are only for ourselves. Christ is the unique One who is absolute for God in every way (John 5:19, 30), who burned with zeal for God’s house (John 2:17), and who lived and died for God’s interests. When we lay our hands on Christ through prayer, we are identified with Him, and He bears and solves the problem of our self. Through our union with Christ in the mingled spirit, He becomes our absoluteness for God.

This realization of Christ as the burnt offering will positively affect the way we pray and the way we experience Christ as all the offerings. Following our experience of Christ as the burnt offering we may have the full enjoyment of Him as the succeeding offerings. As the meal offering, He is our food to supply us to live a life according to God. Next comes the peace offering. When we are absolutely for God and live by feeding on Christ, the result is peace with God and peace with man. In such a fellowship we are made aware of our sins and shortcomings and are brought to take Christ as our sin offering and trespass offering (1 John 1:5-9). Christ experienced as these offerings solves all our problems before God and satisfies Him. Praise the Lord for this wonderful Christ, who meets God’s need and our need!

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(Most references in the Further Reading can also be viewed on www.ministrybooks.org.)

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