Working Saints Fellowship at the 2014 International Memorial Day Conference

This post contains the audio and video from a meeting in Philadelphia, PA on May 24, 2014 during the 2014 International Memorial Day Conference for saints in the general age range from mid-20s to early 40s. A number of brothers and sisters shared their testimonies of how they find the supply amidst demanding jobs, crying babies, or busy schedules. Brothers Minoru Chen and Ricky Acosta also shared some particular fellowship.




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If you enjoyed something from the meeting or have a related testimony, please use the comments section below to share your enjoyment.

9 thoughts on “Working Saints Fellowship at the 2014 International Memorial Day Conference

  1. As the Apostle Paul stated, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision”. Paul was seeing that the Lord as the Spirit was in the believers that he was persecuting. As the veils were being removed, Paul got a revelation of the Body of Christ.
    The vision of the Body is the consummation of the Spirit as the Head and the many members being the Body. Today this consummating vision is the Economy of God.
    Jesus said, “In the Fathers house are many abodes,if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. If I go and prepare a place for you, I am coming again and will receive you to Myself, so that where I am you also may be.”
    With the Lord going to the cross was His preparing through death and resurrection, the Church, His Body. Now where He is so are we. Hallelujah! We are in the Body now!
    We now can see what the Lord meant with His initiating His table. In the Father’s House, which we are, is a table and on this table is all the food provided by the Father. The process that the Son went through, produced a wonderful feast for all of the Father’s children. Christ as the reality of all the offerings in the Old Testament is now the feast upon the table.
    As we the children come to the table, we are filled with this rich Christ. Then this Christ becomes our life and constitution and as we grow in life we express the Father’s life and nature. Oh how glorious this is!
    The Lord’s Table consists of all that Christ is in being our food and our rich supply. All we need to do is just eat the Lord.
    We need to see that the Lord’s Supper is the Father’s Supper, for it is here that the Father takes in our growth in life. The Father is satisfied and filled up as He views our growing and expressing Him in every way
    I remember years ago coming to my dad’s table where all of us kids would enjoy a rich meal provided by our dad and prepared by our mother. Here my dad would see our growth from day to day and be so comforted and satisfied. We were listening to his words and by his words we spoke back to him and this became his expression.
    May we all come and eat the Word of our Father God, this Word is none other than Jesus Christ our food. At the Table we fellowship about how wonderful our Father is in supplying such a rich feast, which is our enjoyment, we share with one another how Christ fills us and becomes everything we need. As we share and enjoy with others this rich Christ, the Body of Christ grows unto maturity. Amen!

  2. I really enjoy seeing others in my age group giving their testimonies. In a sense, we are all spiritual companions, fighting against the trend of this world. We are not alone in this battle. We are not barely surviving, but we overcome! We have the all sufficient grace that makes us more than victorious!

    Our age group (20’s to 40’s) is the most productive group in a normal human society. This age group is the main working force that support the society. Whether a society can grow or not mainly depends on this age group. It is the same in the church. We are no longer little children, but young men, the strong part in the Body. As seen in 1 John ch2, We have young children (the newly saved ones, young people etc.) in God’s family that we need to take care, but on the other hand we have fathers (the elders and older saints who have much experience in the Lord), who can give us guidance. I feel our age group is so blessed!!

    I am in my mid-30s, have two young children, work full time, and my husband is not in the church life. Around the middle of 2012, I started to revive from a long dormant period of my church life. At that time my husband was working in another city, and came home only on weekends. Finally my children and I moved to rejoin my husband in March 2013. The Lord recovered me not by giving care to me directly, but through my care to others. Since we moved to the new locality, my home is open almost every other Friday for college and graduate student meeting, as currently only two homes in my small group are available for open homes. In this past 15 months we have three students baptized in our small group. Praise the Lord!

    I have joined a Facebook mama group in my area since I moved. Most of the members are stay-at home moms. At first I just wanted to exchange parental information with the moms, but now I have a burden for the mothers and their children. Despite the fact that I work full time, I was able to invite them to my house for playdates. One time eight moms and ten kids had come. I am doing this not just because I want to be their friends. I have the gospel in my view. I’m glad sometimes I can share my experience as a Christian mother to the other mothers. I pray that the Lord will open a way to turn the play date into a neighborhood children meeting. Amen.

    At the end, I would like to have a prayer request, is that my husband will be recovered. He has a bitter feeling towards the saints, and about life in general. It will be so wonderful if my whole household is serving and functioning properly. This is not just to benefit my family, but for the Body. It is a blessing if husband and wife have the same vision, same mind, and same heart. Even if not, the one that sees should still carry on and have faith that one day both will see the same thing. Amen.

    1. Dear sister, Thank you for sharing your testimony. I am very encouraged by it. Oh Lord! Save our sister’s husband. We pray for household salvation.

    2. Dear sister,
      Your testimony is indeed encouraging.I am encouraged to read that its possible to have such a vital living regardless of your responsibilities (work,raising children, taking care of your household) and so much daily duties. May the Lord burden this age group to be revived and revive others for his heart desire.
      Oh Lord save our sister’s husband soon!
      Praise Him!
      Sister Eyerusalem

  3. Very good and useful sharing, but the sound is pretty bad compared to the sound quality of the messages. It is much easier to understand the brothers who are used to speaking such as brother Minoruh and brother Rick, but the working saints’ sharing is very hard to grasp much of the time, because of the quality of the sound. Could this be improved by next meeting like this please?

  4. Only 8 minutes into this audio and encouraged and supplied. I appreciate the question, “How do you find your supply?” Lately, with limited time, I’m listening to audio files – old Life Study Trainings in the car and LS Radio program (Genesis) when I’m at the office late at night. A little here and a little there. Also, deliberately more blending, travelling to nearby localities has been a supply to us.

    1. Mark,
      Listening to the Life Studies in the car is wonderful. It has made driving, something I don’t particularly enjoy, into a time that I now thoroughly enjoy. I’m encouraged to hear from another that is benefiting from this.

  5. Hello M. Sanchez,

    Listening to the Life Studies in the car is wonderful. It has made driving, something I don’t particularly enjoy, into a time that I now thoroughly enjoy. I’m encouraged to hear from another that is benefiting from this.

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