Young Working Saints Fellowship at the 2015 International Memorial Day Conference

This post contains the audio and video from a meeting in St. Louis, Missouri on May 23, 2015 during the 2015 International Memorial Day Conference for saints in the general age range from mid-20s to early 40s. A number of brothers and sisters shared their testimonies of how they find the supply amidst demanding jobs, crying babies, or busy schedules. Brothers Jim Miller, Tom Goetz, and Andrew Yu also shared some particular fellowship.


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If you enjoyed something from the meeting or have a related testimony, please use the comments section below or the new Forums section to share your enjoyment.

5 thoughts on “Young Working Saints Fellowship at the 2015 International Memorial Day Conference

  1. May we not despise the small things. We would be those who grow in life. We would be a kingdom of priests to stop and be filled with the Lord.

  2. I really appreciate how important the Young Working Saints are in the church. They are the backbone that upholds and supports the church as the Body of Christ. May the Lord will raise up more young adults for His divine building.

  3. There was a sweet flow of grace to me in listening. I was left with a fresh desire to pursue companions and to look away to the Lord as the One who is worthy to be be exalted. No matter what the circumstances are I can open up to Him and He can bring Me to the brothers. Oh I don’t need to examine my situation – just turn to Him!

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