2015 Labor Day Conference – Jacksonville, FL with brother Ron Kangas (AUDIO)

Audio messages and outlines of the 2015 Labor Day Conference in Jacksonville, Florida with brother Ron Kangas may be found at the link below. The general subject of the conference was Knowing and Appreciating Christ as the Slave of God and Serving as Slaves of Christ in the Church as the House of God, the Body of Christ. The 6 messages are a six-fold development of Message 5 from the recent 2015 Summer Training.

2015 Labor Day Conference, Jacksonville, FL

4 thoughts on “2015 Labor Day Conference – Jacksonville, FL with brother Ron Kangas (AUDIO)

  1. Thank you saints for uploading these messages. Very nourishing. Brother’s sharing is very frank and with specific examples. Helpful to put us in the “context”.

  2. Thank you for sharing these messages. How wonderful if everyone is serving God as slave in the Church.

    There is a wonderful short message “Learning the Lessons in Our Service” (from “THE COLLECTED WORKS OF WATCHMAN NEE (SET 2) VOL. 38: GENERAL MESSAGES (2) Chapter 40) .

    “As soon as a man goes into the Holy Place and serves, his real condition is exposed. At the same time, no one can act according to his own will in the Holy Place. Every move must be according to God’s ordination and cannot deviate from it at all. If we serve Him, we have to see the need of the blood for the cleansing of our sins and the need of the laver for the cleansing of our defilement, or we should not serve God at all. We also have to put ourselves aside. Only those who have this realization are engaged in genuine service to God.”

  3. Halelujah! Jesus Christ,

    From Morning to night I am alway stay in your fresh Spirit, the life giving Spirit!,


  4. Praise the Lord!

    I am a little brother in Christ and a little member of His Body.
    But I firmly believe that these messages are for the building up of the universal Body of Christ.
    I’ve enjoyed a lot not only hearing these messages but also pray-reading outlines which are so significant and magnificent.
    I would encourage all the saints who want to serve as slaves of Christ in the church to dive into these messages.

    May the Lord gain a group of slaves of Christ especially among the young adults. Amen!

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