8 thoughts on “Working Saints Fellowship – August 12th, 2015 with Brother Ron Kangas

  1. Thank you for posting this fellowship. It was very nourishing and enlightening. Might I suggest that you send an email to all LivingtoHim subscribers so that more saints are aware of this fellowship? I think many saints will benefit from this.

  2. Amen, Daniel! We will likely send out the update on the first of the month with links to this post and other new ones. May many in our generation benefit from this word!

  3. Thank you for making these messages available to us! The rich supply contained in this fellowship is so needed, specially to our age group. We praise the Lord for His supply in the Body!

    1. Dear Micah, we are removing the link to the video file which is no longer available but the audio file is still available above.

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