UPDATED: Parents’ Conference with Tom Goetz in Małe Ciche, Poland (2014 and 2015)

UPDATED 10/6/2015: This post contains links to both the 2014 and 2015 fellowships with parents and all the saints on raising up the next generation given by brother Tom Goetz in Małe Ciche, Poland, in conjunction with the European Young People’s Conference.

In these messages brother Tom Goetz shares some concept-altering fellowship based on the book, “Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life” (available through http://www.ministrybooks.org/).

Parents’ Fellowship 2014 (link)

  • Message 1: The Importance of the Children’s Work in the Church
  • Message 2: Having the Increase of the Church also through the Children’s Work
  • Message 3: The Children’s Work Being to Build Children Up in their Humanity to Be Proper Human Beings
  • Message 4: Building Up a Prevailing Children’s Work in the Church

Parents’ Fellowship 2015 (link)

  • Message 1: The Children’s Work being to Build Children Up in their Character
  • Message 2: The Function of the Law as a Child-conductor to Lead the Children to Christ
  • Message 3: Seeing the Children’s Need for Redemption
  • Message 4: Building Up the Children’s Character to be Vessels unto Honor
  • Message 5: Compiling Children’s Lessons (1)
  • Message 6: Compiling Children’s Lessons (2)

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  1. Estamos certi da visão celestial, com as confweências dada pelos paizes, tudo vai se revelando, um dos maiores problmas que muitos ainda se encotram dificuldade por faita de visão.Como seguir as posadas do rebanho?Se quizermps permanecer na vida da igreja temos a be cessidade de visão e ouvir e camihar gosto bastabte de 1 Cr;14-15 o cheiro de cristo precisamos espalhar por onde passarmos.

  2. Praise the Lord for the New Recovery.Oh Lord Jesus , How sweet is thy Name , by calling his name we get the person in him , Oh Lord Jesus Amen.

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