Testimonies Regarding the Lord’s Move to Europe #5

This is the fifth testimony in our ongoing series of posts regarding how saints have participated in the Lord’s move to Europe through praying, giving, and going. Our hope is that many will be encouraged by these testimonies and that the Lord will gain our cooperation to be one with Him in His move in Europe!


Dear saints, praise the Lord that He has a group of people coordinating and cooperating with Him on the earth today.

I grew up in the Southeast USA and met the saints on the campus as a student. I remember the fellowship regarding the Lord’s need in Europe in 2006 during the Labor Day conference. That was the first time I prayed and consecrated to the Lord regarding His move to Europe. In 2010, I started the fulltime training in Anaheim (FTTA) and often joined the Europe prayer times. There I saw and received more burden. In 2011, at the end of my 3rd term [in the FTTA] the burden for the Boston training was released. Though there was no clear link to Europe at the time, I opened to the Lord about having another year of training. I joined the Boston training in 2012 and realized that there was a practical way of visa sponsorship for those who would like to move to Europe.

Some of the challenges I faced included my own strong desire to go back to work after the training, questions and consideration from family members, whether or not this was the direction I should take and taking care of my student loans. I also was not sure if I was willing to serve the Lord continuously in this way. But I’m so thankful that at that time, the Lord impressed me that this was an opportunity that may not come again, and also that this was His need at that time. After many transactions with the Lord and fellowship with the brothers in Boston and my sending locality, I followed the Lord’s feeling within to serve Him in Europe.

In September 2013, I moved to London with three other saints and began to serve at Bower House. It’s been a joy to be in the flow of the Lord’s move. I learned that if we just give ourselves completely over to the Lord, He is more than able and willing to take care of us. As we take care of His need, all our needs will also be met. As long as our heart is set on Him, everything will fall into place. My highlight has been spending time with the new ones (students and local ones), and having the opportunity almost every day to infuse them with Christ and bring them to know God’s economy. It is the most fulfilling thing to have many seekers call on the Lord, be baptized and enter into the church life gradually.

I spent a year serving at Bower House, two years serving in Glasgow, Scotland on the campus and am now serving in Chelmsford, England. Through much fellowship, my husband and I moved to join the saints in Chelmsford to strengthen the testimony here. Chelmsford is a small city of 170,000 people. It is about 29 miles away from London and 17 miles away from Bower House. Previously there was a lampstand in this city. In the past two years a few saints moved away to other localities, including Berlin, for the Lord’s present move. As a result, the small number of remaining saints have been meeting at Bower House with the church in London. There are currently three couples, one older sister, and a few students here. There are two families that will be moving here soon. We are very encouraged about this.

We have seen the Lord do so much just in the past four months, especially the gaining of some locals and students through our Bible distributions, phone calling of the contacts in the database, and through our gospel preaching. Our heart and prayer is that the Lord will gain many more local people for the reestablishing of the table meeting here. Most of the time the serving ones are moved around quite often, hence there is a need for locals who can continue to bear the Lord’s testimony and the responsibility for the church life. Please pray for this in Chelmsford.

My burden for our generation is that we will all rise up to participate and co-labor with the Lord for His move. We are really a privileged people, living in the store house of the recovered truth. Meanwhile, there is a great hunger all over Europe. More and more we see that the people here are tired of religion and mere Christianity. But the Lord has blessed some with a seeking heart that once they touch the truth in the ministry they are captured. What they are seeking for is reality and we have it. Hence, we need to give them food at the proper time. This is worth giving up everything for. The Lord just needs some desperate ones who can cooperate with Him for this and we are so privileged to be alive at this time and be in a position to labor with him. -Sister in Chelmsford, England

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