My church life experience: how I was shepherded by the brothers and sisters

I can honestly say that the Lord has shepherded me through His saints in many ways and has brought me closer to Him through these precious ones.

I was born and raised in the church life by parents who really love the Lord and enjoy having brothers and sisters in their home. I have lived in 9 localities (cities with local churches) in 4 countries. I attended children’s meetings, young people’s meetings, and university student meetings.

For those 22 years I was cared for by many different brothers and sisters, some of whom had more experience while others did not.

I have very sweet memories, but I also have memories that are not so pleasant. In being with people who expressed Christ, as well as some others who did not, the Lord has always been with me each step of the way.

Since I had the blessing of experiencing the church life in more than one city or region my perspective has been broadened. When I speak regarding the church life it is from living in it and getting to know many saints from different cultures and backgrounds.

I can honestly say that the Lord has shepherded me through His saints in many ways and has brought me closer to Him through these precious ones.

I attended the Full-time Training in Anaheim (FTTA) after graduating from university because I wanted to give the Lord an opportunity to use me in my future.

During this time, I studied more closely the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. To be very honest, much of the writings were beyond my personal experience of the Lord and I did not understand much of the content that was being taught in the classes.

However, now that I have been out of the training for a few years, the Lord has repeatedly brought back to memory many things that I had read and heard from my time in the training. The ministry from Brother Nee and Brother Lee has not replaced the Lord by any means. But their ministry has provided a way for me to love and appreciate Him and His Word more than if I had just read the Bible on my own.

In the Full-Time Training, the older trainer brothers were very faithful to speak to us what they had received from the ministry. This ministry is standing on the shoulders of many brothers and sisters who have gone before us throughout the centuries.

Even though many things taught in the training were beyond my experience, the brothers were always very faithful to speak to us. They had a view that if we didn’t see something right now one day we would.

Their heart was and still is to bring us further so that we would be those who would be so precious to the Lord that He would have to hurry back for His beloved bride. My heart is to see the Lord when He returns. Therefore, I am very grateful to these precious ‘’fathers’’ who have encouraged me to love the Lord and to love His appearing.

Sharing by Suzy Stone from her church life experience.

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