Blending Conference with Ron Kangas in Northern California (December 2017)

Below are links to messages from a blending conference given by brother Ron Kangas in Northern California from December 1-3, 2017. This conference was based on Messages 1 and 8 of the 2017 Fall ITERO. The general subject is “The Purpose of God and the Economy of the Mystery.” The first two messages are on the church as the purpose of God and the economy of the mystery. The last message is on the goal of the Lord’s recovery to bring forth the one new man. There is also an audio recording of a question/response session. Brother Ron’s response to many of the questions is very helpful to the working saints. The audio and outline files are hosted by the Northern California churches (

Message 1 – God’s Purpose— His Determined Intention to Have the Church
Audio Outline

Message 2 – Enlightened to See the Economy of the Mystery
Audio Outline

Message 3 – The Goal of the Lord’s Recovery— to Bring Forth the One New Man
Audio Outline

Questions & Responses

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