A Brief Fellowship from Brother Ricky Acosta (May 2020)

This is a brief fellowship from brother Ricky Acosta in which he shares his personal testimony related to pursuing the truth through the Life-study messages, as well as a particular word of encouragement for the young mothers among us who are facing the additional challenges of life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 thoughts on “A Brief Fellowship from Brother Ricky Acosta (May 2020)

  1. Thank you for this timely fellowship. It has been a challenge as a mother homeschooling children, and husband working from home, but I believe it is a very special opportunity given by the Lord so learning to enjoy and absorb the life study of Deuteronomy. For me, spending a few short moments with my children in God’s word has also been a daily nourishment – a few verses each day !
    As I am returning to work part-time from next week, I need the Lord’s daily portion of grace, to be able to minister life to my colleagues, and the young children in our community there.

  2. Amen. I’d like to add that it’s easier for me as a mom of 2, 3 & under, to listen to the Word, hymns/songs, messages, etc. I think at least some of the life-studies are available in audio format, so I plan to add that to my daily audio program. Also, I really liked the two verse a day idea. Even my 3-year-old would probably be able to remember the two verses if repeated enough times a day, which is good encouragement for me to do it so that not only I but also he can benefit from it. Thank you for the encouraging words, brother Ricky!

  3. laboring on Christ as the good land.
    Thanks for sharing this burden to spent some time with the Lord in the life study messages.
    I have found that the life study messages are so readily available nowadays on our tablets, phones, computers via lsm.cor wherever we go. Every morning I try to read one of the lifestudy messages that are listed at the end of each day in the “ further reading” section of the morning revival. This practice gives me the experience of being washed in the water of the word and to be be sanctified, renewed and enjoy the Lord’s presence. The lifestudy messages cover so many riches of Christ that pertain to our daily morning revival readings and nourish us during the day!
    When practicing reading the life study messages daily or a portion of it I find that the life studies unveil the deeper meaning of God’s word to prepare us for the prophecying in all of our meetings corporately. First we get to enjoy Christ riches as food from His Word in our homes but then can bring some of these riches of Christ as food to a home, group or the Lord’s day morning meeting. When we have labored on the riches of Christ in His word and bring our top portion of Christ that we have enjoyed personally during the week we will surely have something to speak for God even to speak forth God by our prophecy. This is the real churchlife, the corporately enjoyment of the riches of Christ that we receive and enjoy from one another for our perfecting unto the work of ministry and the building up of the Church.
    Praise the Lord for the riches of Christ that are so readily available to us via this ministry that we all can enjoy personally and corporately for the building up of His Body, the Church. All the Body is joint together and knit together through every joint of the rich supply and through the operation in the measure of each one part that causes the growth of the Body unto the building up of itself in love. Ephesians 4:16.
    When we contine to labor on Christ and bring our portions to the meetings where we can all can prophecy one by one so that all may learn and all may be encouraged. 1 Corinthans 14:31. Amen.

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