Northeast Working Saints Fellowship (September 2020)

This post contains links to an online conference for the young working saints and young families for the churches in the Northeast from September 25-26, 2020. Several brothers shared a word of encouragement to the saints: Ricky Acosta, Dennis Cooley, Ted Williamson, Peter Yu, and Dennis Higashi.

The burden released during these three sessions is based on 1 Thessalonians 1:3 which speaks regarding faith, love and hope. Many of us in this stage of our human life need our faith strengthened, our love renewed and our hope reestablished. These three matters are the structure of the Christian life and are developed throughout 1 Thessalonians. In chapter 5 these items become our armor: “the breastplate of faith and love and a helmet, the hope of salvation” (5:8), implying warfare. All of us, every family and young adult is caught in the midst of a spiritual warfare, whether we realize it or not. Furthermore, each chapter of the book concludes with the matter of the Lord’s return. In these days the Lord is speaking to us in an intensified way through the ministry concerning His imminent return. He desires to come back. We are nearing the consummation of the age and God is arranging everything in the world situation to prepare for His coming back. In the midst of all of these global and personal circumstances, how can we live a life to match Him? Faith, love and hope are the key.

Conference Messages

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