What is the relationship between God’s government and God’s grace?

The demands of God’s government are according to His life and nature and are thus absolute. He is absolutely righteous and absolutely holy, and He requires those in His kingdom to be the same. To express Him and represent Him, we must match Him. However, due to the fall this became impossible. That is why God established a second system, the system of grace. The law of God, which reflects God’s person, makes demands upon us that we cannot keep. However, grace came in the person of Jesus Christ. God’s salvation is marvelous because it marries the system of government and the system of grace. Christ’s redemptive death satisfied the requirements of God’s governmental righteousness, and His judicial redemption is applied to us by God’s grace and gives us access into His grace. The following article from Shepherding Words further explains this relationship and shows how God is operating in us on the one hand, yet also dealing with us through His governmental administration on the other.

God’s Government and God’s Grace

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