What is the attitude of those who meet in the local churches towards other believers (Part 2)?

The vision of the Lord’s recovery is contrary to the practice of today’s Christianity. Our vision is that God so loved the world that He gave His Son to die for us to redeem us, the sinners, in order that we can have the life of Christ and be regenerated by Him to be God’s children, enjoying the riches of the Triune God to become the Body of Christ. To fulfill this vision, three outstanding matters must be recovered among God’s people: the experience of Christ as life, the functioning of all the members of Christ’s Body, and the practical testimony of the oneness of the Body of Christ. Why is such a recovery necessary? Although these matters are clearly set forth in the New Testament, they are severely lacking among Christians today in both teaching and experience. The religious systems of Christianity with their traditions, including in doctrine and practice, have displaced or veiled the Scriptures to millions of believers. The Lord’s recovery today is to recover these three matters for the building up of the Body of Christ as Christ’s bride to consummate God’s work in this age. The following article from Shepherding Words, the second in this series, sets forth our vision, demonstrates how the religious system of Christianity is contrary to this vision, and why recovery is necessary.

Our Attitude Toward Other Christians and Their Work Part 2: The Vision of the Lord’s Recovery Being Contrary to Today’s Christianity

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