What is the central line of the Bible?

In addition to the central line there are many supplemental points of truth in the Bible, including the types and the prophecies, and many outworkings of God’s economy in terms of practices, all of which should be understood and applied in light of the central line. Concerning these secondary matters there are divergent interpretations among believers. We receive all believers according to the standard of the central line, not according to the standard of the line of supplemental points. If, for example, someone denies that the Bible is God’s speaking, His self-revelation, or that Christ is God who came in the flesh to accomplish redemption, that one is outside the faith, and we have no basis for receiving him as a fellow believer in the true God and His Son, Jesus Christ. However, if someone is sound in the faith but holds a different view of the interpretation of a type or a prophecy or practices differently concerning, for example, baptism, we must receive that one as God has received him. The following article from Shepherding Words further shows why it is crucial for us to have a clear vision of the central line of the divine revelation.

God’s Economy, Different Teaching, and the Central Line of the Bible

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