Testimonies Regarding the Lord’s Move to Europe #6

This is the sixth testimony in our ongoing series of posts regarding how saints have participated in the Lord’s move to Europe through praying, giving, and going. Our hope is that many will be encouraged by these testimonies and that the Lord will gain our cooperation to be one with Him in His move in Europe!


I was first touched by the Lord regarding Europe in the late 1990s when the brother of a family from the UK who visited my country every year fellowshipped with our family regarding the Lord’s move in Europe. Since then I always had a “burden” to move to Europe in the future, particularly to the UK. What really solidified this burden was when my roommate in the training suggested that we pray for the Lord’s move to Europe. We prayed almost daily and once she graduated, I continued to pray with another sister in my term. Then in January of 2014 we were blessed to join the gospel trip there. There wasn’t much I could do after the training except to pray and keep in contact with those serving there. Through constant contact with ones I knew serving in Europe, I prayed not only for the prayer requests that were posted on the LME website, but also for specific locality’s requests and burdens. I never felt like I was qualified to serve in Europe (I thought this was something for the more spiritual ones) and that the best thing for me was to maybe get a job or go to school there instead. Therefore, I applied for jobs and applied for scholarships.  I didn’t know that there were ones praying for my move there but not in the way that I wanted.

Eventually through some fellowship, I applied to LME to migrate here. I realized that I was trying to get here on my own without the Body and the Lord was not allowing it. Saints, if we want to move in God’s move, we must do it in the Body. Otherwise even if the Lord allows us to move, He will not be a part of it.  I can now say that I am happy that the Lord did not allow me to migrate when I wanted to and in the way I wanted to. I basically had to wait two years until “my burden” was completely gone. Then He moved and it happened faster than I imagined.  So, in my going I had to rely totally on the Body.

The first week after arriving, I had a foot injury which made it difficult for me to walk and all I could do was stay in my room and read the ministry. The Lord definitely stopped me from trying to do anything of my own effort. After about a month serving at Bower House, I moved to Manchester where I still am today. There are so many things to say but one of my highlights is calling the Bible recipients/radio listeners. In January, we began contacting some in our area and we received some very positive feedback, even meeting with a few. Obviously, some numbers were invalid, disconnected, or wrong numbers and others didn’t want to be contacted anymore, but amen, the Lord knows.

I contacted a female at the beginning of February this year and she was so eager to meet. But every time we arranged a meeting, something came up and neither of us could make it. Eventually, we set aside the 12th of March, 2017. She was so excited that she contacted me on the Friday and Saturday prior to the appointment to remind me about our meeting. We met with her and realized that she lived very close to one of the local saints, whom we invited to the meeting. We connected her with that family and she has even been to their home for tea. There are many more stories like this and many seeking ones out there.

Please pray for our calling and contacting these ones as we still have thousands more to contact. In our area, the North West, we have over 18,000 names to contact. Also pray that we will be ready to take care of these ones and that the church in Manchester will be a net to hold all the fish that are caught.

Here are a few practical things I would like to share.

  1. Firstly, go to the Lord and consider whether you should migrate to Europe. Do not do it out of inspiration but allow the Lord to lead you.
  2. Pray with companions.
  3. Do some research about the country you are burdened for. This may not seem spiritual but believe me it is very practical. It is such a help to be familiar with the culture, social etiquette, and the language.
  4. Try not to compare things in your country with the UK or Europe. Things are very different and we should try to not hold any expectations.
  5. Be open. You can learn a lot from those who went before you (even if they are younger in age). Also, be open to live the life of the altar and the tent. Things constantly change and you need to remain open to the Lord.
  6. Fellowship, fellowship and fellowship. Be in constant fellowship with those around you and those in authority. This has been my salvation. Things may not change but you will receive the life supply.

Much grace to you and I hope that many of you will bring this matter to the Lord and become co-workers with Him and with us for His move here in Europe. -Sister from Manchester, England

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  1. Amen…we trust in the lord to gain the entire of europe for His heart desire..lord we support u with our prayers to gain the whole europe and bring the enemy to his kneel!!!

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