Testimonies Regarding the Lord’s Move to Europe #7

This is the seventh testimony in our ongoing series of posts regarding how saints have participated in the Lord’s move to Europe through praying, giving, and going. Our hope is that many will be encouraged by these testimonies and that the Lord will gain our cooperation to be one with Him in His move in Europe!


My wife and I both grew up in the church life, in the ministry of the Word, and with examples of ones around us who were burdened to serve the Lord. At various times we were personally touched by the speaking concerning Europe and that our love for the Lord would be strong to follow Him. Before we were married, in our early courtship, the matter of Europe came up and we were both clear that we would endeavor to follow the Lamb wherever He would go and prayed for this together in a simple way. During our honeymoon we attended a conference in Spain, and we began to fellowship with the saints who were caring for the work in Europe. Through the fellowship we felt we should find a way to go and began to make plans for that. At that time financial support was not readily available so we planned to go as working saints. I could work and my wife could care for and open our home. Over the next two years we remained in fellowship with the saints there and took some practical steps towards getting visas. The exact way to go was not clear, but we set our direction towards Europe. Although it was not that straight forward for us both to get visas, we felt through the fellowship we would just try. Ultimately, if we were not able to stay we would be happy to have done our best. Initially we had a feeling for France and eventually Wales in the UK. About six months before we were considering to go we had some further fellowship and were asked whether we could go to London to be at Bower House for a little while to be coordinated with the saints. There also was an opening for some partial financial support. This was a big adjustment to my inward direction, as I had no intention of going to London and had no thought that there would be support for us to serve. However, we prayed and were at peace to go.

When we arrived in the UK we were given time to acclimate; we stayed at Bower House and a nearby accommodation. Very quickly we realized how busy everyone is and that the workers are few. We spent a number of months following up with Bible recipients as well as serving in the bookshop and in the college conferences. When we first came I was finishing up some graduate study, and when that was completed I was asked whether I would consider serving in maintenance and building projects. This was another adjustment for me because of my burden for the campus and young people’s work, but again I brought it to the Lord and found life and peace.

In the UK houses are smaller, Tex-mex food is hard to come by, and the skies are a little grey at times. However, I feel so blessed to be even just a small part of what the Lord is doing in Europe to consummate the age. Although I spend a lot of time handling practical matters related to the buildings here, I still serve in the church, within my small group, and particularly focus my spare time on the young people. We also had the opportunity to travel to Germany to follow up on the recent gospel trips. That time we really felt like we touched something of the flow of God which burdened me more to return to my practical service in preparing facilities for the perfecting of the saints. I have had many very sweet times of coordination, praying with saints all over Europe for the young people or university conferences and visiting the saints in various localities, many times in small situations.

I am so happy that my wife and now two small children could be here, following the Lamb as much as we are able. I can testify that while our life is somewhat simple, we do not lead a boring life. This January we will apply for permanent residence. -Brother in Chelmsford, England 

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