Our Enjoyment!

I praise the Lord for His sovereignty. This year I discovered your FB Page and podcast entitled The Living to Him and I’m so amazed of the messages and richly supplied by it. I introduced it to my companions and to the brothers in our district. Every Wednesday night we are listening from the podcast and after that we have our free sharing based on the message given. We were all encouraged to rise up and endeavor to enter to practice the 7 Points of Vital Living such as having a scheduled living, morning revival, pursue of the truth, prayer companions, contacting others, joining the church meetings and having sanctified finances. Sharing one of my recent enjoyment taken from The Messages Given to the Working Saints Chapter 4:

For this kind of living, the working saints should arrange their time every week properly. Every week they need to lead a home meeting and also to help out a group meeting; they also need to attend the Lord’s Day district meeting and the Tuesday prayer and service meeting. Besides this, they should go out to preach the gospel by visiting people every other week. If they would properly arrange their time, I definitely believe that doing this should be very easy. However, in order to be able to do this continuously throughout the year according to a schedule and a plan is not an easy thing. Therefore we need a kind of miraculous life and power, that is our Lord Jesus, to supply us inwardly so that we can live this kind of normal Christian life.

May we all rise up to cooperate with the Lord to receive the burden to push this matter so that we may do this continuously. If there is a place with one hundred people meeting together, and forty or fifty of them are willing to practice this—going to gain people by preaching the gospel, perfecting the new believers, leading the group meetings, and attending the district meetings—then assuming that one person can bring in two new ones per year, there will be a one hundred percent increase rate. Even if they can bring only half of that, they will still get a fifty percent increase; this is for sure. As long as everyone is willing to do this, this is a highway to us. This matter all depends on the brothers and sisters living this kind of miraculous yet normal living every day—going out, coming in, going to work, doing business, and staying at home at proper times, doing everything according to schedule in a regulated way, being revived every morning, and living an overcoming life every day. In this way not only can we ourselves be preserved, but also it will be beneficial to others. We ourselves can have such an enjoyable church life, our Lord will get the glory, and everyone can be blessed. Amen , Praise the Lord!
– ME, Quezon City, Philippines, 7/7/2021

Believing into Christ (1) by L2HNovember 10, 2014 – Today I stumbled upon the missing link as I was looking on BibleHub interlinear for a verse with “believing” in Christ. I noticed that it wasn’t the usual “en” for “in” but instead “eis”. This is what makes believing to be just a mere mental assent, believing “in” Christ. It’s as you said it, believing into union into Christ. I’d looked under the definition and BibleHub mentioned “union” as what it was implying for the word “eis”. I always am blessed when someone else has been shown by the Holy Spirit these amazing deep truths. Thank you for being faithful to share this truth with all of us.
– TF, Canada, 3/25/2021

Amen we need to detoxify our selves in the things of the world.
– Meriam Suyom, Bias City, Philippines, 1/11/2021

A special thanks to Minoru Chen for sharing about his dealings with the Lord in the seventies and the time frame it took to be washed. We’ve all been affected in some way at this point, an honest discernment of the effects and the need for the Lord to shine is very much appreciated. Praise you Lord Jesus!
– Kevin Dugger, Minneapolis, MN, 10/16/2020

We need to be a tree transplanted by water the tree grows by absorbing the water into it The tree signify God as our living water if we absorb him we will grow with his essence and elements and he will become our constitution.
– A sister, 9/16/20

I have been doing a research on the four faces of Jesus and I happened to come to this website and I got exactly what I was looking for. God continue to bless this ministry for its work towards the building of the body of Christ. I am a pastor of healing the nations in Pretoria South Africa.
– Amos Raphael, South Africa, 4/22/2020

He is my savior, saved my whole family and my kids serving Him and I’m working to support them, hallelujah, Jesús is Lord.! We love Him.!
– Hugo Martinez, Cerritos, CA, 4/1/2020

I often wrote my consecration to Him,that God may use my entire family for His economy,giving my whole being unto Him,until the day He comes.
Praised Him that God always made a way for me to be used greatly when a long propagation comes.
Through my constant prayers & consecration to Him,my health is not a hindrance in serving Him.l am already 70 years old.
I love You,Lord Jesus more than anything else in this perverted world, amen…
– A sister, Sta Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, 3/27/2020