Our Enjoyment!

We need to be a tree transplanted by water the tree grows by absorbing the water into it The tree signify God as our living water if we absorb him we will grow with his essence and elements and he will become our constitution.
– A sister, 9/16/20

I have been doing a research on the four faces of Jesus and I happened to come to this website and I got exactly what I was looking for. God continue to bless this ministry for its work towards the building of the body of Christ. I am a pastor of healing the nations in Pretoria South Africa.
– Amos Raphael, South Africa, 4/22/20

He is my savior, saved my whole family and my kids serving Him and I’m working to support them, hallelujah, Jesús is Lord.! We love Him.!
– Hugo Martinez, Cerritos, CA, 4/1/20

I often wrote my consecration to Him,that God may use my entire family for His economy,giving my whole being unto Him,until the day He comes.
Praised Him that God always made a way for me to be used greatly when a long propagation comes.
Through my constant prayers & consecration to Him,my health is not a hindrance in serving Him.l am already 70 years old.
I love You,Lord Jesus more than anything else in this perverted world, amen…
– A sister, Sta Rosa, Laguna, Philippines, 3/27/2020