Seven Points of Vital Living – Andrew Yu & Gerald Chan (December 2007)

This message was given by Andrew Yu and Gerald Chan during a special fellowship time at the 2007 Winter Training in Anaheim to former trainees of the Full-Time Training. The burden of this fellowship is for all the young saints in the Lord’s recovery to be vitalized for a normal Christian life and service.

In this message, brother Andrew Yu gave us the following “Seven Points of Vital Living”:

1.     SCHEDULE FOR LIVING – Having a schedule for your living.

2.     MORNING REVIVAL – The first thing about time management is you need a quiet time every morning. Instead of the things leading you by the nose, you set the priority. Even non-Christians talk about the need of a quiet time. If non-Christians realize the importance of a quiet time, where are we? For a lot of us, there is no quiet time.

3.     PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH – You need to set aside some time every day to get into the pursuit of the truth. Get into a reading program to get into the Life-studies, or the high peak truths, or some other reading material. Even a reading program of just studying the Bible book by book by going through the references is good. We need to do this both privately and corporately.

4.     COMPANION PRAYER – A regular time three times a week of getting with your prayer partner to pray. Not just to call on the Lord but to pray, to intercede. You need to have a ministry of intercession.

5.     CONTACT PEOPLE – Having a set time every week to contact people either by going out or by inviting people in. You need to set aside definite time to take care of people.

6.     CHURCH MEETINGS – Go to all the church meetings.

7.     SANCTIFIED FINANCES – Be sanctified in how you manage your finances. We need a group of people who are very serious about putting this into practice. Both for the full-timers and the working saints, we need to set the priority to live this kind of life. This is the God-man living in practicality and reality.

  • Seven Points of Vital Living (Audio)
  • The speaking notes used by brother Andrew are available here: (doc)

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