Several Co-Workers, Winter Training 2009

This message contains fellowship by several young adults as well as Gerald Chan, Dennis Higashi, and Benson Phillips at the 2009 Winter Training.

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One thought on “Several Co-Workers, Winter Training 2009

  1. I just listened to this message and was enlightened by brother Gerald’s sharing comparing our generation to the younger generation in the 1960s. The young people at that time were more concerned for social issues, while our generation is primarily individualistic, only caring for our own personal things. That is quite an observation and it causes me to consider how I invest my time. He also made a comment that our generation is always seeking new experiences: new job opportunities, new restaurants, new places to travel to, etc. It never dawned on me that the desire for these things is focussed on the individual. The enemy is constantly tailoring the world to fit the current generation.

    I also appreciated brother Dennis’ sharing about spending time with the Lord everyday, instead of always using the “busy” excuse. Another characteristic of our generation is that we are more busy than previous generations. Many times I have the experience of being busy, although many times I can’t identify why I’m busy. It just seems that I am busy and overwhelmed. Maybe I wouldn’t feel so busy if I lived in a more mundane, scheduled way, instead of always looking for new experiences.

    Note: this is not a summary, just a couple of things that touched me personally.

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