Our Need to Keep a Spiritual New Year Before God

In chapter 4 of the book, God’s Need and God’s Goal, Witness Lee speaks of the spiritual significance of the new year and our need to keep a spiritual new year before God. In particular, he describes the practice of “settling accounts” with God related to our spiritual condition at the turn of every calendar year.

We need to consider before the Lord how we have spent our time and the things in which we failed and in which we overcame. We need to consider the areas in which we responded to the Lord’s demands and in which we rejected the Lord’s will. We need to bring our spiritual condition before the Lord in order to settle accounts and have a proper clearance so that we can have a new beginning. (God’s Need and God’s Goal, Chapter 4, Section 3)

Moreover, we need to specifically seek God’s face and meet Him, bringing to Him all of our conditions, past and present. We should open ourselves to Him and receive His shining not only concerning our earthly affairs but also the condition of our spiritual life.

May we heed this admonition to set aside a prolonged time in the Lord’s presence to pray, to reflect, to receive light, to confess, to have a proper conclusion of the past year, and to have a healthy start to this new year (and decade)!

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