What does it mean in Deut 30:19 when Moses says, “therefore choose life?”

As we seek to follow our Lord to fully possess Christ as our good land to build God’s habitation and establish His kingdom, these words have great significance to us today. Moses’ charge was based on all that he recorded in the Pentateuch. That history included not only God’s glorious work among His people but also Israel’s repeated failures and rebellions against God and His representatives. At this critical juncture, recorded at the end of his writings, Moses charged the nation of Israel to choose life. This choice lies at the heart of the Scriptures. Moses’ word made it clear that what the Israelites chose would determine their future. Likewise, what we choose today will determine our future with the Lord. Each of us must make the choice between life and death.

The following article from Shepherding Words will show that no matter what happens in our personal life or church life, we still face the same basic choice: life or death.

Our Basic Choice

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