Prayer for those who aren’t around

Submitted by J.S. (Austin, TX)

The other day I had a brother over for breakfast. We were talking about different things and we began to consider many cases of younger brothers and sisters that aren’t meeting right now. One particular brother was the subject of the conversation for some time. This brother has attended the training and during college he was a crazy lover. We began to ask each other where the disconnect occured.

It was then that we opened to the Lord and began to pray for this particular brother in a way that I have never prayed. The Flow was almost instant! We began to ask the Lord,Lord, would you really allow this brother to go his own way? All this deposit in this one? Would you really allow this to happen? By the time we finnished the prayer both the other brother and I were in the third heavens.

Brothers and sisters the Spirit is willing to go after that brother or sister who is somewhere in another city working that 40 hr a week job. We just need to consider these saints situation in the Light of the Lord’s presence, in prayer. Not just consider their situation in our own opinion. I am definitely guilty of this. I strongly believe that if we pray in this way, we will give the Lord the opportunity to recover all the struggling saints, so that they can get back with us, the other struggling saints. Lord Jesus, enlarge our hearts. We need You, we’re nothing. We need you Lord Jesus.

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