All Ages

Submitted by: C.K. (Los Angeles, CA)

Recently I and four college students have been pray-reading two verses every other day in the evening. We read the verse, the footnotes, then pray-read the word. After this, we exercise to share with one another something we enjoyed, ask any questions regarding the truth and seek to become clearer. All of us have touched something of life during these times. In fact as a serving one, I find that these are some of the most precious times to me throughout the week. My concept was that pray-reading with companions would be with those that were my age, have gone through the training, and could run with me. But I am learning that age should not be a limitation. I am learning to run with these younger brothers. Our times may not always be so gloriously high, but we consistently enjoy the Lord in the word with one another. Praise the Lord for His word and for pray-reading.

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