Let’s take the land!

Submitted by: P.K. (Sacramento, CA)

It seems that everything I’m currently reading in the ministry is speaking companionship. In The All-inclusive Christ by WL, we see that the enjoyment of Christ is a progression, a continual development. We begin to enjoy the Lord as the lamb, then the manna, and then as the rock by ourselves. The next stage is to enjoy Christ as the ark of testimony and then the good land. This is a more solid experience and it must be corporate. If we cannot enjoy Christ as the ark, it is certain we can never enjoy Him as the land. Not until we have been built up with the people of God can we experience Christ as the ark. This was sobering. This chapter was written in the context of opposing factors of possessing the Land being independence and individualism. You must realize that you can never go on any further to enjoy Christ by yourself. It seems that hardly one would submit himself to anyone. There is no submission; so there is no building. Last piece to mention, We must make some advance. We must not be satisfied with our present state. There is so much more of Christ yet ahead of us to be enjoyed. (Chapter 13 is so good)

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