The beginning of something new

Submitted by: P.K. (Sacramento, CA)

During a prophesying meeting a sister shared, If you cannot pray with someone, there is no one accord there. The Lord immediately pointed to one sister who I was closely related to but over time our relationship turned into just greeting one another after meetings. After much prayer, I called her to ask if she would like to pray together and she agreed. A couple weeks later, for more content in our prayer times, we began to read Messages Given to the Working Saints. By the Lord’s mercy, our eyes were opened to see that as young adults, we are very much needed to function in the church life. When EVERY member is thus perfected, growing in life, functioning organically, and being built up into a Body in the organic union, the Lord will have an organic Body in our midst to be His full expression. (p.13) May we pray for this to be our goal.

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