Taking the opportunity

Submitted by: R.J. (London, England)

Today I enjoyed a portion of the Life-Study of Genesis. I appreciated a point regarding the altar at Moreh. “An altar means that we do not keep anything for ourselves. An altar means that we realize that we are here on earth for God. An altar means that our life is for God, that God is our life, and that the meaning of our life is God. So we put everything on the altar. We are not here making a name for ourselves; we are putting everything on the altar for the sake of His name.” (L-S Genesis msg 41). This reminded me of Mary and her love offering to the Lord. How she gave what she could (Mark 14:8). She did this without hesitation or regret. She gave her all. She took the opportunity. May we take the opportunity as well today to pour out upon Him what is most precious to us, even our most costly and valuable spiritual treasure, wasting ourselves upon Him. I also enjoyed that Abraham didn’t build the altar after the Lord’s first appearing, but after His reappearing. If we’ve had the Lord’s appearing, we still need the Lord’s reappearing. His reappearing strenthens us to go on with God, to live by faith in God. When we see Him, He attracts us, He draws us to see His worth. He becomes the most valuable One to us. O God of glory, do appear to us today!

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