I’m Learning to Obey the Sense of Life

Submitted by: Gary Klimeck (Euless, TX)

My concept is that I need to be something or do something in the “church”. But the Lord’s way is to tear that concept down and humble me. In a humbled state of mind, the Lord comes in and builds and matures me and this comes in such a small, loving simple way of life, i.e. through my family and my job. To be in the kingdom I am learning to live and walk in my spirit. Surprisingly to me, this is THE way the Lord builds His church. The purpose of the church is to bring in the kingdom. The church is the issue of life. If I do not allow the life in me to mature, to be useful in this age, i.e. to be a matured member in the body, to be a steward today , then I miss the mark and will have to answer to the Lord at His judgement seat. But, wait, there is still time! I am here, I have breath, so I cry, Father, Jesus, mature me, keep my heart open to you! And he will do it and He is doing it, in a small significant way that is the way of life in my daily living, not in a work, or a labor based on my religious concept! Thank you Lord for these days!

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