Howard Higashi’s Testimony and Fellowship on the Gospel

These nine YouTube videos contain fellowship by Howard Higashi on the gospel, including his personal testimony of salvation.

Those of us who knew Brother Howard can testify that he had a real heart for man and was used by the Lord to save many through his gospel preaching.

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3 thoughts on “Howard Higashi’s Testimony and Fellowship on the Gospel

  1. I found some videos of this brother preaching on youtube just a few days ago and was really touched by the sincerity of heart this man has for Jesus. It’s very inspiring. You mentioned that “those of you who knew him…” does that mean that he has passed away? God bless him, you can tell he loves(or past tense, loved) the LORD.

  2. Dear Bro, your hymns are very encouraging… I am from India mumbai and have been singing the hymns since a young age… i want to translate these hymns into hindi and other indian languages so that many can love the lord more through the words of these songs… please help me with the copyrights.. if you require i will send you a demo of what i have translated and sung… please reply at the earliest… In HIm, Besty

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