Migration and Our Standard of Living

As we listen to the fellowship on migration and consider whether or not the Lord might want to send us,  questions often arise within us. Where will we live? What kind of job will we have? How will migrating to a new place alter our standard of living?

In chapter 12 of The Kingdom, Brother Witness Lee offers enlightening fellowship on migration and our standard of living. He writes:

God’s intention is for us to earn a living, but Satan’s subtle design is to choke the growth of Christ within us. If we know the Lord’s way, we will be happy to lower our standard of living rather than trying to lift it. We will continually encounter the temptation of raising our standard of living, of wanting better cars and bigger houses. It is an endless cycle of slavery. Satan wants to make us slaves to the standard of living. He will entice us to work harder and longer to make more money and then to occupy more time to spend the money. It is much wiser to simplify our living. This will save us considerable time. There is no need for us to work so hard and to occupy so much time in spending money. The care of this age is really a snare. Do not be trapped by it. Many Christians have fallen into this snare and have been trapped by the anxiety of this age.

On the contrary, many brothers and sisters have been willing to lower their standard of living for the sake of migration. They have sacrificed their standard of living, and this afforded them a way to migrate to various places. It is not an easy matter to migrate from one city to another. We are the real Hebrews, pilgrims on the earth. We are not settlers or dwellers. If the Lord allows, we will continue to take many more cities by the way of migration. However, if we are always trying to raise our standard of living, we are through with migration. As long as we have food, drink, and clothing, that is sufficient. We are not here for our standard of living; we live on this earth for the Lord’s recovery. (The Kingdom, Ch. 12, Section 1)

Since we all struggle with issues related to our living, it would be great if we could use this post as an opportunity for mutual fellowship. What have we learned about trusting and experiencing the Lord in this matter? For those who have migrated, what has your experience been?

May the Lord grant us the experiences that we need to make us willing to follow Him wherever He would lead us.

4 thoughts on “Migration and Our Standard of Living

  1. I thank the Lord for the above speaking to expose the Devil and “the endless cycle of slavery”. I feel like the rubber meets to road in this matter in every day things. For me recently it was buying a new mobile phone. I really wanted a one with all the latest stuff–internet, apps, etc., etc. And, I felt I could justify it based on my occupation and how I could use it at work. But I did have some pause within about whether or not I really needed that much of a device, and whether the Lord would be happy if I spent money on it. I tried to avoid Him in this matter, but I know He is so practical. I want to give the Lord the first place in the practical details of my living like how I buy a new phone!

    1. Pop, this is a really practical example. I also wrestle with whether or not I need to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone. We are constantly told through advertisements and everything around us that we absolutely must have the latest technology for our phones, computers, cars, etc. But do we really? Thank you for your encouraging fellowship. May the Lord gain us!

    2. This fellowship is very practical to me. I live in a technology driven/education driven/decision making driven realm in my job and to some extent it is very necessary to have the latest and best. Let me add to this the following point. In these days of living for the Lord and being immersed in His recovery, the over use and necessity of technology and standard of living really has drawn off my time and cut into my praying and bible reading. This just has to stop.

      When I first came into living the church life I was amazed at how simple the saints were and how well we got along in mutuality and simple sharing. Now I have fallen back into emails and texting and learning new things just to keep up.

      I feel that the Lord is leading me to simplify my living once again and use my time and resources to serve His precious saints. May the Lord touch all of us regarding our manner of living.

  2. “It is much wiser to simplify our living.” The decision to move to another city or even another country is never done lightly. My husband and I and our three children (5, 3 and 1) are in the process of moving to the United Arab Emirates. We have connected ourselves with the saints who meet a short distance from us. We have been praying much with the saints back home about ALL the matters this entails. BUT…simplifying our living was not one of my considerations. I thought (secretly), that I deserved to have my perks, my entitlements! I love the purity of this message. “We are not here for our standard of living; we live on this earth for the Lord’s recovery.” Lord, with me and with my family, recover a people that are purely for You and Your interests.

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