Seizing the Opportunity

Any student in a graduate program will tell you that they are busy. In addition to the demands of attending class, doing research, writing papers, and studying for tests, many have to take care of their wife, children, work, and matters of daily life.  While anyone in the world would be dismayed facing such a multitude of tasks, it is no wonder that the added charge of being a living, active, functioning member of the Body bearing responsibility in the church life can be altogether overwhelming.

But Brother Tym Seay shared an encouraging word in the fellowship with the working saints during the winter training: “If it doesn’t work for everyone, then it’s not the God-ordained way.”  The reality of the matter is that even in the midst of our extremely busy daily lives, there must be a way to touch the Lord, enjoy Him, and let Him flow out through our contact with our classmates, workmates, labmates, professors, etc.

Brother Witness Lee shed some light on how we can enter into such a living in Elders’ Training, Book 11, chapters 8 and 9.  He shared that if we were to visit someone for just 10 minutes a week, that person would be gained within a year, or possibly even half a year.  The key is consistency.  Brother Witness Lee points out that to contact people leisurely is easy, but to contact them according to a budget and pray for them requires that we have a heart to do it and be desperate. He says that there is no need to talk too much, just go visit them and show an intimate concern for them.  In this way, through our consistent visits, they will be gained for the Lord.

Rather than using our busyness as an excuse to not function as we could, we should be encouraged to redeem the time and go on in the midst of our situation.  Rather than waiting until after we graduate to pursue the Lord and function in earnest, we should endeavor to do so today.  If we cut out just 60 minutes each day – 25 minutes for morning revival, 15 minutes to read the Word, 10 minutes to pray with our companion, and 10 minutes to contact someone (phone calls included), we could  bring 5 new ones into the church life each year!

May we all be encouraged to redeem the time in the midst of our busyness, to fight against the usurpation of the world, and to diligently and desperately take care of our life-practices one day at a time for the bearing of fruit and the increase and spread of the churches.

8 thoughts on “Seizing the Opportunity

  1. Amen let us redeem the time to live with Him , in Him and flow out Him at every place. Lord Gran us such a mercy that we all could redeem the time.

  2. Amen. Very encouraging. There is really no excuse. When the Lord will meet with us we cannot reason out or make excuse when he will make account with our fruit bearing.

  3. Very true & encouraging.
    “Lord, may WE be those who fill our vessels daily with Your pneumatic life, which carries out Your heavenly purpose on this earth. ”
    For US to live, is Christ.

    miss you, Li.

  4. Go therefore and disciple all the nations, Matt,28:19 Amen Lord we are going. Gain Lord what You are after, use us! pray also for us. My Wife and I moved from Calgary to Lethbridge area 6 months ago, we started to visit people as soon as we were here. and now we are 14-16 new adults, and about 17 shildren. Meeting 2 times a week, with wonderful sweet saints. Hallelujah! But we cry out to the Lord for spiritual support, and for some saints to migrate here. Saints please pray for us. Amen.

  5. Amen! Yes. As a graduate student myself, this is such a timely and encouraging word. Saints, we need to seize this opportunity! We won’t be graduate students forever and it is as a student that students on the campus are most open and willing to spend time with us. Don’t have time to meet with a student in a regular way because you have to study? Then set up a time to study with that student. Pray before going, pray with other saints, and just make yourself available to the Lord. “For they all cast in out of their surplus, but she, out of her lack, has cast in all that she had, her whole living” Mark 12:44 Amen

  6. This word encouraged me even if I’m still an undergrad. Even undergrads like me can be deceived by the busyness the school gives. But here it says, “Rather than waiting until after we graduate to pursue the Lord and function in earnest, we should endeavor to do so today.” I realized how inconsistent I am as a spiritual mother. Indeed we must look to the Lord that we would be strengthened “to redeem the time in the midst of our busyness”, and become diligent and desperate to seize Him today.

  7. This article really exposed me, but then encouraged me in serving the Lord regardless of the busyness the school has to offer. As a college student, I keep on making “being a student” as an excuse not to serve the Lord. Our brother shared that if we were to visit someone for just 10 minutes a week, that person would be gained within a year, or possibly even half a year. The key is consistency.

    May the Lord recovers our function as members of His organic Body. and may we all redeem the time, to seize every opportunity to function for the building of His Body.

  8. Lord Jesus, protect us from the usurpation of the world. Amen. Lord Jesus,keep us from being overcome by Satan. Amen. Lord Jesus, live in us as the Grace we need to contact new ones, seeking ones regularly for ten minutes a week. Amen. Lord Jesus, strengthen us not to be entangled in the affairs of our own lives. Amen. It is so easy to do that, Lord Jesus, but we want You to say, “Well, done My good and faithful servant,” at Your judgment seat. Amen. Lord Jesus, help! Amen.

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