Truth Challenge: The Mystery of Human Life

As we are praying and preparing for the move of the Lord in North America in what is being referred to as gospelizing, truthizing, and churchizing America (GTCA), we must arm ourselves with the “ammunition” of the gospel. In our extraordinarily blessed armory, we have the timeless tract, The Mystery of Human Life, which has helped to lead countless sinners to the Lord for salvation.

It would be quite a testimony if we could all have the content of this tract embedded in our constitution and be able to convey it clearly. While there is little doubt that we all have the basic content of this tract in our constitution, we may wonder if we could speak it in a clear and concise way.

The tract consists of six points that make up the skeleton, and the meat is a few simple sentences supported by verses under each point. It would be excellent if we could also memorize the diagrams that go under the points or make our own.

So here is the challenge:

As a little exercise we should test ourselves by memorizing the six points and see how apt we are at filling in each point using some key verse references, and including a prayer for point 5.

The six points are: 1) God’s Plan; 2) Man; 3) Man’s Fall; 4) Christ’s Redemption for God’s Dispensing; 5) Man’s Regeneration (which includes a prayer for salvation); and 6) God’s Full Salvation (the high gospel). The actual tract can be downloaded as chapter 1 of The Basic Elements of the Christian Life, Vol. 1 booklet.

Again, our challenge is to memorize the 6 points, write them down, fill in the content in a concise way with some verse references, and a sinner’s prayer.

May the Lord gain a solid group of people who cut straight the word of the truth.

3 thoughts on “Truth Challenge: The Mystery of Human Life

  1. I took the challenge and after comparing my version to the tract, I realized my delivery could be more succinct. I realize in order to better focus and convey the message, I should stick to the diagrams or at least the points they convey (e.g., man has three parts, the stages of God’s being processed, etc.) as well as memorize many of the key verses from the tract. This exercise has truly helped me to see how much “ammo” I have and how skilled I am at using it. I also feel a little exposed as to how much more I need to pick up the clear and concise utterance of the ministry.

  2. FYI: The “blue” version of Mystery of Human Life has some very powerful statements and examples that are not printed in the Basic Elements version.

    Also, I highly recommend ch 2 on “Preaching the Gospel” of a new book entitled, “The Vision, Living, and Work of the Lord’s Serving Ones.”

    “The spirit of the gospel is in every one of us, but some of us suppress it instead of cultivating it. The spirit of the gospel is like fire that can either be extinguished or set ablaze.”

  3. Awesome quote Kyle. May we take His grace to cultivate the gospel spirit.

    I’m finding each of these points is so simple yet so profound. Just think if you could impress somebody just with point 1- that there is a God in the universe who has a plan. He is a purposeful Divine Being, full of intent and with the highest need for pleasure and satisfaction. There’s a lot there, and we need to pray for veils to be rolled away as we speak to people.

    Then point 2 on Man. We should not consider that a small point either. We may think that man is simple, but our brother said that man is one of great mysteries in the Bible. On this point, I feel it may be effective to impart to someone just a little bit of uncertainty regarding who or what they think they are, something to touch the eternity in their heart. Every point is so deep…

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