BFA Bible Study App Now Available

From our co-laborers at Bibles for America…

BfA Bible Study mobile application now available

Study the Bible wherever you are.

Our mobile application—BfA Bible Study—is now available for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android! The free app is a handy tool for studying the truth, shepherding new ones, and introducing the Recovery Version to others. Here are a few things you can do with BfA Bible Study:

  • Study the truth and be equipped to answer people’s questions using the interactive Topical Directory—tap to read verses and footnotes related to major New Testament topics
  • Tell people about the New Testament Recovery Version, show them the illustrated features, and have them order a free copy from BfA directly from the app
  • Complete your daily Bible reading and mark your progress in the new mobile version of
  • Share what you’ve read and enjoyed with others via e-mail or Facebook

The app may be used in English or Spanish.

Spread the word to other saints, students and full-timers on your campus, new ones, and friends. Search for “BfA Bible Study” in the app store and download it for free.

The Android version of BfA Bible Study has been downloaded over 10,000 times since it launched in October!

Click here to download the BfA Bible Study app for your Apple device.

Click here to download the BfA Bible Study app for your Android device.

Also be sure to rate the app so that others will be encouraged to download and use it also.

12 thoughts on “BFA Bible Study App Now Available

  1. This is truly helpful. With the busy schedule and fast pace life we have right now, it is too hard to keep up with the reading schedule. Now, i can study and read the word anytime and anywhere. thank you so much for making this app.

  2. Joseph: yes, it works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (though it is not optimized for the iPad’s screen).

  3. I am happy to learn that there is such application. This will be helpful for our daily pursuit and shepherding work. Amen. May the Lord bless us more of Himself with our daily pursuit!

  4. This app has been keeping me in track on my Bible reading, thank you brothers!
    It also has the feature of requesting a Bible for new ones we meet in the way! This is awesome! We can use our devices to bring fruit to the Lord!

  5. A couple of us have been using the BfA study App and have noticed that it’s no longer available to download. This app has been really helpful in our vital meetings. Is there anyway we can order the paper back.

  6. I want to download BFA Bible app on my IPhone. It said that developers need to update something to make it compatible to IOS11. Could you please fix it? Thanks.


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