It Is Possible By Being Grouped Together

Submitted by: NR (Puerto Rico)

When I first heard that the God Ordained Way function even for a mom with four kids I was single and I said a big amen. But time has pass on and now I have 4 kids and a 60 to something hour job, and it’s possible not because we are the good ones but because we are connected to others.
We have a neighbor children’s meeting in our house and at first it was impossible to take care just of our own kids but now she is taking care 7 kids during the week and of about 12 children on Fridays this is possible because she is connected with others sisters, and they get together to pray. Four of the twelve children’s are new and we are visiting one family as a result of this meeting.
I work a lot, and it is possible for me to keep the track in the church life because I’m connected to other saints and with other students and there’s mutual care, fellowship and reading the ministry. Sometimes we contact each other and share the ministry by e mail and the office which is not the greatest place to be, becomes a heavenly place. Why? Because I’m connected to others.
We really feel that we are just scratching the surface but that we are pressing on to run the race not alone but connected to others. That by grouping together it is possible to preach the gospel, to nourish and perfect others and at the same time get the nourishment and get perfected by others. So don’t give up. If there’s a heart there is a way by being grouped together.
May the Lord group us together so that we live a life that brings Him back.

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