We Must Get Into the Ministry, and With a Companion the Better!

Submitted by: Rosita Enriquez (Anaheim, CA)

Dear Fellow Young Adult Saints,

I have to testify this: we cannot go on without a companion, and we will be dead if we do not pay the price to get into the ministry! I am serious. Let me share this experience with you. I was struggling and worrying about certain things going on, normal things, perhaps things that you also worry about, pending errands, financial difficulties, etc. I called on the Lord and struggled to call on The Lord. I remembered brother Ed Marks’ encouragement to pray-read “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace” (Rom 15:13). The Lord granted His peace but then the troublesome mind would not stop bothering. Worries are a personification of Satan. I tried to look for solutions to what was bothering me and I even felt like I just wanted to isolate myself from the saints.

But Hallelujah! It was 6 o’clock, the time when my companion and I have an appointment to read. I shared just a little of what was going on with her and then continued reading the last half of the Colossians Life-Study where we left off last time. My companion is so busy, having a full-time job and being a wife and mother, but we found a time that is suitable for both of us.

Saints, as we read, I got Christ! We only read a few paragraphs. I don’t know exactly what portion enlivened me, but the Word got into me. We read about living Christ versus living by our self-made culture, or even self-made church-life culture. O we must live Christ, contacting Him unceasingly. One portion said that if we analyze our day we will realize that we did not live Christ most of the day. O Lord save us that we would not live ourselves but that with Paul we could say, “To me to live is Christ.” I also enjoyed the last sentence, “We must condemn any culture that replaces Christ. Our need is TO LIVE CHRIST, TO LIVE BY THIS ALL-INCLUSIVE PERSON IN OUR SPIRIT.”

Saints, I was revived. I was able to declare that before reading with my companion over the phone I looked like Satan, but after I hung up, I had more God in me and I looked more like Christ, who lives in me.

Dear saints, no matter how busy we are, let’s get into the ministry. Don’t fight alone. Lord, give us companions, give us Your Word.

5 thoughts on “We Must Get Into the Ministry, and With a Companion the Better!

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I used to be so busy with my studies that I only have time to read the Life-Studies while I’m eating lunch or dinner. I was desperate because I was so pressed for time and that really supplied me. Now that I have more time, I actually waste it and am not as vigilant to get into the Life-Studies. Thank you for this good reminder for me to get back into the ministry and be supplied with God Himself.

  2. Thank you dear sister. May the Lord grant me that companion. We definitely need to live desperately seeking him in his word, and definitely we can not do this alone.

    In love,

  3. i felt so down, i cannot sleep, something bothering me,i cannot even pray to the Lord in the spirit because of what i have in my mind, but after i read this message, i am refresh again,i gain the Lord, with the Lord’s love toward me, on how we cannot go on without Him, on how useless our life not living with Him,and how my day would never be complete not enjoying Him, all i need is to release my spirit,ask God’s grace and mercy to cause us to have a heart that has no mountains and valleys and roughness,that He may enter and dwell in us, such a great mutual abode, living and abiding in Him is a marvelous thing.
    our God is a lovable God, but one thing im wondering why he took away my husband and left me, why this kind of situation He allowed? i don’t have companion, he was never been my companion in pursuing the Lord, on the one hand, i notice the betterment without having a companion, but on the other hand that’s not what God’s desire, my husband was saved,but never had a church life,only visitations but now, through the saints helpful advice, i am still praying for him to come back though there is someone else.

  4. This is wonderful! I have the same situation now with you cris. Once I enjoy the Lord, God shows me the things that I have done before. I keep praying that if there’s an ” UNDO ” in what happened before, I will ask God to ” Undo ” the things so I could change what happened. But , your lucky you have saints who help you with your situation. But , God is faithful. He said that all things work together for good to those who love Him. He also said that we should worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry its own self. It might be that God allow this things to happen for us to learn that we are nothing and loving someone with our self love is not what he wants us. He wants us to love Him first with our best love so we can love others by His love. A love that will never fail but will be forever. A love that will never be shaken by any circumstances that will come.

    1. thanks for the reply… i pray that someday God will show me more of Him and that i would cooperate with Him in everyway.amen

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