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Submitted by: David C (Houston, TX)

Dear saints, I recently came across Hymn 788 which touched me very much. More than just beautiful poetry, this song describes an intimate walk with the Lord, from morning to evening. This is to have a running conversation with the Lord throughout the day and it’s actually to “pray unceasingly”. Of course we cannot physically talk to the Lord non-stop, especially when our jobs require concentration. However, an older brother once shared, it can be as easy as pushing back from your desk and breathing out an “O Lord Jesus”.

I especially enjoy stanza 2 where it says that “if earth with its enchantments Seek thy spirit to enthrall, Ere thou listen, ere thou answer, Turn to Jesus, tell Him all.” In my experience, while work constantly frustrates us, it also constantly entices us with rewards such as promotion, publication, pay raise, year-end bonus, boss’s favor, letters of recommendation, and future employment opportunities. This is how the world drives and motivates us sometimes. But if we have a running conversation with the Lord, we can easily look through its tactics and live about its influence. We will work hard not because of its enticements but because the God-man living in us is working hard. He eventually will become our sole motivation.

1. When thou wakest in the morning
Ere thou tread’st the untried way
Of the lot that lies before thee
Through the coming busy day;
Whether sunbeams promise brightness,
Whether dim forebodings fall,
Be thy dawning glad or gloomy,
Go to Jesus, tell Him all.
2. In the calm of sweet communion
Let thy daily work be done;
In the peace of soul-outpouring
Care be banished, patience won;
And if earth with its enchantments
Seek thy spirit to enthrall,
Ere thou listen, ere thou answer,
Turn to Jesus, tell Him all.
3. Then, as hour by hour glides by thee,
Thou wilt blessed guidance know,
Thine own burdens being lightened,
Thou canst bear another’s woe;
Thou canst help the weak ones onward,
Thou canst raise up those that fall:
But remember, while thou servest,
Still tell Jesus, tell Him all.
4. And if weariness creeps o’er thee
As the day wears to its close,
Or if sudden fierce temptation
Bring thee face to face with foes;
In thy weakness, in thy peril,
Raise to heaven a truthful call;
Strength and calm for every crisis
Come, in telling Jesus all. 

Source: http://www.hymnal.net/hymn.php/nt/788

4 thoughts on “Walk with the Lord

  1. this article really hit me in the the heard i thank the lord ,that my spirit has been activated to live Godman life any where.

  2. Thank you brother for taking the time to let HIM flow in you and flow out of you too. Rich Hymn indeed!!
    A diamond is a diamond no matter where it is! We musn’t quench the Spirit but foster the shining of Christ… the treasure within us!

  3. ’tis so sweet to walk with Jesus and unceasingly call His name,..
    i was refreshed to keep walking with the Lord moment by moment.

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