A Brief Summary of the Lord’s Move in Europe (December 2010)

This is a video created by Amana Trust documenting the Lord’s move in Europe as of December 2010. May the Lord continue to burden our generation for His move in Europe to end this age!


5 thoughts on “A Brief Summary of the Lord’s Move in Europe (December 2010)

  1. “if you take all this word given by me this morning, I believe you will be blessed and your days will be long, and you will do well, and you will enjoy the Lord to the uttermost, and you will be a living testimony to Europe.” (Brother Lee’s word at the end of this video.)
    Lord Jesus, take us on, gain the ones who should migrate, gain the prayers You need for Your final move, gain the finances You need from among us. Your move in Europe is glorious! “Rise up, O Jehovah, and let Your enemies be scattered; and let those who hate You flee before YOU! Num. 10:35b

  2. The Lord wants to come back, but the gospel must be preached in the whole inhabited earth, may we pray much for His move in the entire Europe, Lord Jesus gain more sons of peace, gain households, gain more students and universities, gain the city, gain the land for You, Oh Lord Jesus!!

  3. Praise the Lord for such a timely speaking!

    There is no doubt, in order for the Lord to come back the gospel of the kingdom must be preach through out all the inhabited earth. Yes, we need much prayer, but for this to practically happen we also need to migrate. We need to trust in the word of the Lord that if we migrate for the gospel sake the Lord will surely take care of our need.

    May many of us begin to have many migrations in our heart so that in the Lord’s time and through the fellowship of the Body we may be sent to fulfill the Lord’s need on this earth today.

    Lord Jesus we love You!

  4. I’m greatly encouraged by the fellowship of our dear Brother Lee here and would like the young people in our place to hear his speaking. How can I download this video so that I can let them see it in one of our young people’s meeting.

    Thank you so much! And may the Lord raise up more saints to go and migrate to Europe. Amen!

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