The Importance of the Children’s Work (Part 2 of 3)

Parents and serving ones from throughout Southern California and from as far away as Texas attended a Children’s Work Perfecting Conference on October 15, 2011 in Diamond Bar, California. Although the children’s work may seem only peripherally related to young working saints (since some of us are parents and/or serving ones), according to the conference messages, which were based on Lessons 10—12 of the recently published Raising Up the Next Generation for the Church Life, every saint should be involved with caring for the children.

This is part 2 of a 3-part installment on the messages given at this conference. Each post will include a brief summary followed by the link to each audio message. Click here for part 1.

How should I teach the children in order to cultivate their humanity?

We must avoid damaging the children with premature spiritual knowledge, but childhood is the best time to shape their character as part of a proper humanity that will receive the divine dispensing in the Lord’s time and give it the highest expression. Childhood is also the time when the young ones receive an indelible impression of the saints’ living and the genuine care ministered in the church life. If we have the opportunity to briefly visit a child at home simply to talk to and get to know one another, this will make an unforgettable impression of care for the rest of the child’s life. Finally, matters such as there being God, creation, the preciousness of humanity, and the law are most effectively conveyed to us during our childhood.

Audio of Message 2 (Click to play or right-click and “Save-link as…” to download)


One thought on “The Importance of the Children’s Work (Part 2 of 3)

  1. The children’s work is to prepare a proper humanity. To be used by the Lord our children’s humanity need to be prepared.

    It is very touching and impressing to hear in the message that what it takes for our children to stand firm in this evil and perverse age when their friends choose to go the other way being not their spirituality but their humanity, their character. Praise the Lord that their standing power is their humanity!!! May we really see this that we may cooperate with the Lord to build and produce such a proper humanity in our children that will equip them to be proper vessels to the Lord.

    May our children be light in this evil and dark age; may they be light in all the dark places of their schools, friends, and family. May the Lord be everything to us to build and produce such ones to the Lord for His return.

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