Lord’s Move in Eastern Mediterranean

Submitted by: Benjamin and Jacqueline Bianco (Lapta, North Cyprus, TRNC)

The Lord is moving in Northern Cyprus, which is the Turkish speaking area comprising of three major cities: Nicosia, Famagusta, and Kyrenia. We migrated to Lapta, 12 kilometeres west of Kyrenia from Albuquerque, NM June 2010, and by the Lord’s sovereign arrangement, we have 7 young believers meeting in our home on sundays. By His mercy and grace, I was offered a senior lecturer position at the School of Architecture and Design starting in October 2010, which gained one Nigerian student now, up to 5 young faithful members. In addition, we have one Kurd and one Turkish Cypriot, meeting with us most wednesdays for dinner, prayer and reading from the Bible. Yesterday, a Ukrunian family vacationing in Larnaca, participated in our weekly meeting and are now praying for the opportunity to migrate north. May the Lord bless our burden and may He gain more young ones to meet to build up the church in Lapta. Hallelujah for His Body in this part of the world. BJB

One thought on “Lord’s Move in Eastern Mediterranean

  1. Amen, May the Lord bless this burden for his increase and gain many more young ones to meet to build up the church in Lapta.amen.
    The Lord have mercy on many more of His members to give our self for his increase and enlargement to bring in many more of His seeking ones from all corners of the earth into the church, his Body to consummate the New Jerusalem.
    Speaking on the web cast in the video on The Lord’s move in Europe, one of the videos featured Brother Lee encouraging us to migrate for the Lord’s move and not for our living, he said the Lord will take care of our living we just migrate for the Lord’s move. Oh Lord gain many more hearts to move into all corners of the earth for your move.amen.
    BJB’s testimony is an encouragement, by the Lord’s sovereign arrangement, i relocated to live in West Africa after a time in Europe where i touched the Lord’s Recovery. The Lord’s mercy and grace met my need with a job in a University. This has given me opportunity to preach the high Truth of the gospel to many of the Lord’s seeking ones on a regular basis and to give ministry books and material to them, we are trusting the Lord for an opportunity to meet with all the contacts either on or outside campus(Please pray with us). There are others who have also moved here who have enjoyed the lord’s mercy and grace and are going on in the church life under the Lord’s arrangement here, for the building up of the Lord’s Body to consummate the New Jerusalem.
    May we all give our-self for the Lord’s increase on the earth to give our self a living sacrifice going where He leads to bring the gospel to all men for their salvation and going on in the Lord for His coming soon. Come Lord Jesus Come.amen.

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