Charleston, South Carolina

Submitted by: Mike Mullavey (Bellingham, WA 98229)

I just got back from two trips to Charleston, South Carolina. The thing that impressed me is the number of young people on the campus in the heart of the city. Everywhere my wife and I walked there were young university students. Now that Boeing has moved into the area I wonder if there will be a trip down there to distribute Bibles or if there is a burden for migration there? Boeing now has a large plant right next to the airport and we just opened up another one about 10 miles north in a city called Ladson.

Mike and Jackie Mullavey

2 thoughts on “Charleston, South Carolina

  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve been praying for the Lord Jesus’ move in Charleston, SC! Hallelujah! May a locality be established there! May many shipwrecked saints find oneness in Christ! May He make His home afresh in their hearts through faith. May they grow rooted & grounded in the love of Christ. May He gain more territory in their hearts. May many alcoholics and abused teens be permanently recovered unto Christ. May their spirits be regenerated. May He sanctify them spirit, soul, & body. May He strengthen their choosing. Oh Lord Jesus! Do not withhold the requests of our lips! We believe we have what we ask in Your name. Amen.

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