He did not allow his mind to be vacant

Submitted by: Rosita (Anaheim)

I was very impressed with the reading of Chapter 4 of the book ”The All-inclusive Indwelling Spirit.” In it brother Witness Lee encouraged us to ”never let your mind to be vacant.”

”We need to build up such a habit. We should never allow our mind to be vacant. If we allow our mind to be vacant, problems will immediately come in. Our mind will never stay vacant for long; it will always be occupied by something—either by the things of the flesh or by the things of the Spirit, the things concerning Christ. We need to exercise to keep our mind occupied by the things concerning Christ not only in the meetings but also in our daily life, family life, marriage life, school life, and job life. It is dangerous to have a vacant mind at any time or place. In order to prevent demonic things from coming in, we must fill our mind with something, and the best contents with which to fill our mind are the things concerning Christ.”

My impression was that one of the reasons why our dear brother Witness Lee lived a victorious life is that he did not allow his mind to be vacant. A sister who knew brother Lee personally shared with a group of sisters that one day brother Lee told the saints ”I was checking to see how much time I was in my spirit yesterday and I found out that….6 minutes I was not in my spirit.” The sister shared this with us to tell us that everyday we must aim to be in our spirit more than the day before.


3 thoughts on “He did not allow his mind to be vacant

  1. Amen! May the Lord strengthen us into our inner man and gain us completely! We must allow the things of the Spirit, the things concerning Christ to occupy our mind and never allow it to be vaccant. This is an active passive Word! We must exercise our will to exercise our spirit. This will make us overcomers in this age. This speaking is very timely supply for me saints. And I am sooo thankful to the Lord for the supply in the Body, and the precious patterns He has given to us in the church life! Praise the Lord!

  2. I am so much touched by what the sister shared concerning our dear brother Witness Lee. If we practice to live in the spirit daily, it is possible to attain living in the spirit the whole day. To live the whole day in the spirit is something which can be attained and it is not an impossible matter. Even though I am not living in the spirit most of my day, I am very very encouraged for the pattern I have seen with our dear brother.Oh Lord Jesus!It is something attainable, it is not an impossible matter!Praise You Lord Jesus!We Love You our dearest Lord Jesus and we want to live the whole day being one spirit with You!Amen!!!

  3. the mind set on the flesh is death but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace, praise the Lord that He occupied us little by little day by day to set our mind on things which on above.

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