Being Daily Constituted with the Truth in the Morning Revival

Submitted by: Stefan Misaras (London, England)

Somehow and in some way we need to be constituted with the truth! How? We don’t have time, or we don’t have enough time to spend in the Word… I discovered recently that no matter how busy the day gets, I can and I should always set aside a slot of time in the morning to spend with the Lord in His Word. The time in the morning is so fresh, so sweet, so nourishing… To really give the Lord the first place, touching Him first and talking to Him first in the morning is an organic practice we all need to develop.

But I also realized something more: I need to get some solid truth into me in the morning, something to nourish me throughout the day. The Holy Word for Morning Revival is very good – but I need to not only read it, enjoy it, and be nourished. Somehow there’s the need for further digging – a re-reading of the Morning Revival after the first read, some more prayer over the main points or the parts that touched us. I realized that I need to have this deep prayer before the Lord and an honest aspiration, Lord, I want not only to enjoy You but I want to be constituted with the truth in this time!

Many times it is ONLY the morning that is set aside for the Lord – all throughout the day the job keeps us busy, the family life takes our time, and then we have the church life also. But we need to daily get into the truth in a solid way so as to get some nourishment AND some portions of the truth being deposited into us. For this, I have discovered and I am experiencing a little that the Holy Word for Morning Revival helps. It is daily, it is always there, and there is a lot of truth which can saturate us. Little by little, day by day, morning by morning, we can be renewed and also constituted.

It is a struggle every day to set time aside to get the truth into us – but we can start every day with getting a little truth from the Word, some verses, and some portions of the ministry, into our being! We were recently getting into the portion concerning Christ being in resurrection and death not being able to hold the resurrection life. Wow, what a supply! In the morning we can enjoy the ministry portions, throughout the day we can ponder on them, and in the afternoon we can remember them by sharing with others!

Many times we just don’t know “what gets into us and remains in us”, but recently I experienced that one evening I was sharing with someone concerning the fact that death only gives the resurrection life the opportunity to show the boundless power of life divine (see Hymns #639). Because I was enjoying this in the morning, wow, the rich words were flowing! All we have to do is enjoy the Lord and have a daily aspiration to be constituted with the truth as we get into the morning revival, and bits and pieces, here a little and there a little, and portions of the truth are being deposited into our being! This is one way that I recently discovered to be helpful in endeavoring to enter into the truth daily.

One thought on “Being Daily Constituted with the Truth in the Morning Revival

  1. Saints,
    What a rich ministry we have, but often we are so distracted by career and family life that we do not spend much time to get constituted with the truth.
    May the Lord grace us to open to Him for more constitution, issuing in growth in life. Amen

    Sis. Bunmi

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