The God-shaped Vacuum

Bibles for America has put together a YouTube tract for the outreach of the gospel. We encourage you to check it out and pass it along to all those you are burdened for and whomever else you wish.

If you like the video, please comment or give a “thumbs up” on YouTube. The more traffic and positive feedback a video receives, the more likely it is to show up in search results, thus furthering the gospel of the kingdom! May the Lord bless all the saints’ endeavors to leverage technology for the spreading and increase of the Lord’s testimony and the building up of the church!

14 thoughts on “The God-shaped Vacuum

  1. The God-shaped Vacuum was just a superb video that will resonate in anyone who is questioning the meaning of their life. Well done and a terrific email to pass along to family and friends.

  2. Hi dear brothers: I really enjoyied this video!. I used to pass the paper form of the mistery of the human life, that for me is the best, quickest, and most direct preaching of the gospel we can have, because it touches the human spirit.

    I downloaded it in my facebook page so my friends can watch it. I encourage the brothers to place it in your facebook pages in order to preach the gospel to all your contacts. In this way we are not going empty handed to the Lord.

    This video is really awesome! Praise the Lord for His ways! I really desire that the brothers that produced it could translate it in other languages so others could use it for preaching the gospel in their own language.

    Praise Him, Praise Him!!!

  3. this little presentation can impact big in the heart of a person.this is wonderful…I hope that “The Ground of the Church” will next to present a kind of a presentation, just to guide us into the Genuine Believers of the Lord Jesus…Amen.

  4. Without the Spirit of Christ we are incomplete.He is in us as everything. So that we might experience him as everything in our life.

  5. Beautifully done! Tears welled up as I realized the mercy that was shown to me by God that I could know my purpose…so many don’t know and may never know until the Lord returns.

  6. Such a powerful video to share with family, friends, sinners, and believers. “I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the power of God unto salvation.” Rom 1:16

    Lord Jesus, may Your full salvation reach every human being. Bless this video for Your purpose and the spreading of Your kingdom on the earth in this age.

  7. Amazing we showed it to a bible for NZ Recipient who enjoyed it just as much as we did.Very well done and so touching P.T.L

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